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Architectural Photographer: Virgelio Carpio

Billy Carpio started street photography in New York City in 2009. He was shooting landmarks in bracketed exposures for later HDR-processing when, occasionally, a person would stray into his scene and stay there. The person would sit, stand, or do something of interest and so became part of the landscape. Because HDR software gets confused with objects that moved across the bracketed frames, people walking past are either erased or "ghosted" leaving the solo individual in a cityscape that is devoid of crowds in the final HDR-rendered image.

Through the series of photos titled, "Solitude in New York City", Billy hopes that the viewer may be introduced to the people that inhabit New York City, one solitary figure at a time.


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All images taken with Sony Alphas. All images processed with Dynamic Photo HDR and Topaz Labs.
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